2017 Summer Series
Garret Graf

The Government's Doomsday Plans

Garrett Graff, Journalist and Historian

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - 7:00 PM Program and Book Signing
KRLD, Dallas

Garrett M. Graff is a pioneering journalist who has written a book with an extraordinarily intriguing but not necessarily comforting title: Raven Rock: The Story of the U.S. Government’s Secret Plan to Save Itself--While the Rest of Us Die.

Raven Rock is described as "the eye-opening true story of the government’s secret plans to survive and rebuild after a catastrophic attack on US soil—a narrative that spans from the dawn of the nuclear age to today."

Manal al-Sharif

Daring to Drive: A Saudi Woman’s Awakening

Manal al-Sharif, Women’s Rights Activist

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - 7:00 PM Program and Book Signing
KRLD, Dallas

American women may take the right to drive for granted, but the women of Saudi Arabia had to create a revolution to try to take the wheel.

Steering this attempted change of rights on her nation's roads was Manal al-Sharif, an information technology consultant who is notably involved in the women's rights movement.

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Wednesday May 31
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Speakers: Garret Graff, Journalist and Historian & Manal al-Sharif, Women's Rights Activist
Garret Graff - Wednesday, May 31
Manal Al-Sharif - Tuesday, June 20

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